Presenting TEARS Episode 4: Defunding The Fear With Faith - We explore the riff that exists in our community and how faith presents an opportunity for healing. Our streets are battlegrounds.  With every man or woman of color who is taken down by law enforcement, we ask why?  Would the same be happening if the victim was white?  Where is God in all of this, and why do good people meet up with bad results?  Hosted by Man/Kind Exec. VP, actor and activist Anne-Marie Johnson


TEARS: The Event Against Racism and Stereotyping demands that we #DefundTheFear in this fourth installment on 'faith'. The Man/Kind Project's Exec. VP and your host Anne-Marie Johnson brings together three leaders in a virtual dialog on fighting systemic racism through faith. Bishop Noel Jones, Elder Joe Paul and Dr. Leah Fortson talk faith as a weapon against racism in our community.. Hosted by Man/Kind Exec. Vice President, actor and activist Anne-Marie Johnson

TEARS: Do We #DefundThePolice or #DefundTheFear

What happens when you get activists Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey (ret.) of the Los Angeles Police Dept., Najee Ali and LAPD Chief of Police Michel Moore,  all talking about systemic racism, violence under the color of authority, bad cops and defunding the police?  You get discussion.  You get ideas.  You get commitments.  You even get the chief saying that he 'supports defunding the police 1000%', and a qualification that may make it palatable to everyone.  What you don't get is a one note diatribe that caused one participant to bail out because their voice wasn't the only voice.  We don't knuckle under to bullying.  We #DefundTheFear - and all voices are welcome when the aim is to stop systemic racism, stereotyping, profiling and hate.  Especially when it comes from within. Hosted by Man/Kind Exec. Vice President, actor and activist Anne-Marie Johnson.

TEARS: The Event Against Racism & Stereotyping - Episode 2

Hosted by Man/Kind VP Anne-Marie Johnson, this episode includes riveting and personal testimonials against racism by Ted Lange, Cindy Luna, Beverly Johnson, Frances Fisher, Rain Valdez, Keith David and Lynne Whitfield from Greenleaf, Kevin Eubanks, Terri J. Vaughn, Mel Johnson Jr., 'Mo Kelly, Christopher B. Duncan, Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Louis Gossett, Jr. TEARS, The Event Against Racism and Stereotyping fired a power shot across the bow of racism and intolerance.

TEARS: The Event Against Racism & Stereotyping - Episode 1

Covid-19 had descended over our country like a disease-ridden blanket.  As everyone began to quarantine, we had time to be introspective.  On the 57th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech.  We premiered TEARS.  We took well-known people from the entertainment industry, and provided a safe harbor for them to vent - using their experiences as a basis for speaking truth to power.  In some cases, shouting truth to power.  Thanks to our benefactor Mike Stoller, of the writing team of Leiber and Stoller, along with Sony Music, we were granted a limited use license to sing Stand By Me.  An iconic song that has more meaning today than ever before.