We are reaching out to our local communities with food and sundry item deliveries that insulates those most susceptible to the Covid-19 pathogen. Our contact-free campaign has delivered needed items that include high-protein drinks, bagels, eggs, hispanic food products, toys, snacks, protein bars, fruit juices, produce, toilet paper, paper towels and other needed items. We encourage our followers to identify and stay in contact with those who are isolated.
We do NOT ENCOURAGE close contact.

THE HOMELESS ARE AT GREAT RISK. As you are aware, many homeless people depend on traffic - for handouts, for help, for recognition. No traffic = no sustenance. We are bringing our #COVIDKINDNESS bags to the streets, and distributing them to the homeless. We also supply #COVIDKINDNESS bags to the elderly, infirm and first responders.

If you know someone who is in need, please contact us here.
Stay safe, and help us by supporting our efforts in our communities with a donation here.