TEARS: The Event Against Racism & Stereotyping

#DefundTheFear With Listening. Follow the testimonials of celebrities and members of our minority community in this gripping episode that asks if fame makes a difference.

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#CovidKindness In Action

Feeding the Homeless Beyond Covid-19

We are reaching out to our local communities with food and sundry item deliveries that insulates those most susceptible to the Covid-19 pathogen. Our contact-free campaign has delivered needed items

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Making a Difference




Meals and Care Items In


#CovidKindness Bags Delivered as of June 20, 2021

A Win for Education


Signatures Against


De-funding Inner City School Programs

Connecting Cultures


People United For Our


Event at The Saban with George Takei

Holocaust Survivors


Impoverished Survivors of the


Help us bring them some happiness with #MitzvahMail


Mike Stoller and Corky Hale

Man/Kind would not exist without Mike Stoller and Corky Hale.  Legendary in their own right, their generosity and passion for social justice has enabled many social justice movements, projects and foundations to exist... especially ours, and we love them for that!

Together, Mike and Corky breathed life into the Southern Poverty Law Center where the Civil Rights Memorial Theater bares their name.  Having read about an unusual number of teenage pregnancies in Compton, California was the impetus for Mike and Corky to fund Planned Parenthood's Dorothy Hecht Clinic – named in honor of Corky’s mom.


As a student at the University of Wisconsin, Corky became the first white person to join the NAACP.  


If a bay needed healing, Corky and Mike were there with Heal The Bay, if a fence needed mending, Corky and Mike were there with Habitat for Humanity, and if the elderly needed a commitment from the community, Corky and Mike supported The Jewish Homes for the Aging.


Healing the cleft palates of children through Smile Train, feeding those who are hungry through Jewish Family Services, and addressing the cancer of gun ownership that is killing our children, Corky and Mike work diligently to Stop Gun Violence.  Man/Kind is in good company.


If there is a cause that needs a champion, then two super heroes are better than one.  


Few have made the impact that Marc Cashman and his team made with our #CovidKindness homeless crusade than these great people.  Marc took us under his wing...or mic, and raised thousands upon thousands of dollars that went directly to feeding the homeless.

Marc Cashman, Voice President of Cashman Commercials, creates and produces award-winning music and copy advertising for Radio, TV and Internet, has been a voice actor for over 40 years, and instructs voice actors across the country and the world.  Along with his colleague, Larry Hudson, a veteran voice actor and V-O recording software instructor, Marc conducts free webinars for the voiceover industry, many of them acting as fund-raisers to support critical public service organizations.

The money raised to help our organization happened with the help of three superstars of the V-O industry: Tracy Lindley, Josh Alexander and Tom Aglio. These people represent the ethos of “paying it forward,” and were honored and excited to help continue the good work of The Man/Kind Project.

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Stop HB610 - An End to the No Hungry Kids Act

HB610 was an education bill that would have devastated after school pr

TEARS: The Event Against Racism & Stereotyping

When George Floyd's life force was stolen from him by the weight of wh

Sugihara Event Starring George Takei

On the evening of August 23 at the Saban Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif